If you’re a bride or groom to be, then there are plenty of mistakes related to weddings that you need to steer clear of. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid.

Not being Entirely Sure if They are Ready for this Big Commitment

Don’t commit to anything unless you’re ready for it, especially when it connects to another life. Don’t be pushed to making any decision while you’re feeling emotional, as this generally ends badly. It’s ok if you want to propose to her, but not get married right away. It’s ok if you say yes, but ask for a little time before you’re ready.

Making a Huge Guest List

A large guest list equals a large budget, and every aspect of your wedding have to compromise to fit the large guest list. This includes venue, invitations, and door gifts as well!

Not Booking the Wedding Venue Early Enough

Usually, Reception venues Melbourne need to be booked months in advance, especially if it’s a popular one. Unless you want to be disappointed and have to compromise with your venue, we strongly suggest booking it at the earliest date possible!

Selecting a Wedding Planner They are not Very Confident About

Weddings are not an event you can plan by yourself, so don’t even try. Make sure you talk in length to your potential wedding planner so you’re sure they are on the same page as you, and to become confident with their capability of handling this event. If you’re not confident, your wedding day is going to be a ball of nerves!

Making a Budget but Not Sticking to it

Everyone knows you need to make a budget for the wedding before anything else, but not many people actually stick to that budget. As a result, they immediately start regretting it, especially when the first few months of their wedding is spent working hard to cover up the expense instead of being the happily married couple.

Selecting a Wedding Photographer before Viewing Their Work

Don’t select a photographer before viewing their work, no matter who recommended them to you! Everyone’s priorities and interests are different, so make sure the photographer is exactly what you want before you pay them your advance.

Having “Surprises” for Each Other

Surprises are lovely gestures when they work out well. Be it alterations to the vows or a surprise dance, make very sure your soon to be spouse will be happy with this surprise before carrying it out.

Selecting Clothes They will Feel Uncomfortable in

It’s your wedding day! You need to be able to eat, make memories and enjoy it. You need to be able to dance and walk around with ease. You need to make sure your smile is not forced (thanks to uncomfortable shoes or waist-trainers); because it WILL show up on the photographs.

Trying to Lose too Much Weight in too Little in

Yes, being out of shape on your wedding day is unfortunate. But what’s worse is looking sickly or being too weak to truly enjoy the day. If you have to lose weight, then do so with proper exercise and a diet plan, not by starving yourself. Makeup can only cover so much, so don’t make it a difficult task by looking sickly.

Not Selecting the Wedding Rings Together

Unlike the engagement ring, this is a ring you are going to be wearing for the rest of your life. So it goes without saying that the wearer needs to be present when selecting the ring.

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