If you think an adult friend is hard to give a gift to, then you have not experienced giving a baby a gift, especially if you do not have a baby of your own yet. It can be frustrating, difficult and tough, but of course, it is something that has a fun side, too.

Here are some of the best ideas for gift giving for babies:

Try Out Personalized Items

Babies are all about cuteness and adorable smiles that make everyone in the room sigh with love. And in the first years of a baby, their belongings are usually named and customized that everyone will automatically know which is owned by the baby and they would go “Aw, how cute he has a name on it”. In this case, why not add up to the trend and give the baby a personalized item too. For example, personalised baby gifts are really adorable and something parents really do appreciate these as it makes it easier for them to know their baby’s things from others.

Go For The Classic Plush Toys

These are normally the gifts given to babies and for good reason. Babies love to have plush and soft materials by their sides as these things make them more comfortable and relaxed. Choose a great design and by all means, give the baby another plush toy to add to their collection.

Make An Addition To The Baby’s Playpen

Babies love to play and move around, the reason why nurseries must always have a playpen where the baby can go about and enjoy their toys. Why not add a new item to the playpen as a gift? You can give the baby a play mat of educational design to start the baby on getting to know numbers or letters. You can bring it up a notch by making the play mat yourself.

Go For Unconventional Items

Babies are mostly visual persons who like to see things that are colourful and beautiful. Given this trait, you may want to try giving them some unconventional but easy to the eye toys. One example can be glow in the dark wall decorations which will light up the room in semi-darkness, once the baby is being put to sleep. Be creative with the design or theme of your gift.

Give Gifts That Are Musical

Little babies are actually fond of music and are accustomed to such due to the constant singing of their moms, crooning on and on with the sweetest lullabies to get them to sleep. You can ride onto this liking of them by giving gifts with music such as toy instruments or music boxes. Kids and parents alike will definitely love this one.

Give Educational Gifts

It is never too early to start a baby on learning new things. Since they are mostly visual, you may plant to improve their learning skills by giving them picture books or simple building blocks which are sized appropriately for the baby’s age. If you are worried that the baby will chew on the books, you can always buy cloth books instead. This is a thing nowadays since cloth books are washable and are safe in cases of babies loving to put anything in their mouths.

Babies are adorable little persons that people just can’t get enough with. Their happiness is always a priority and giving them gifts that show how much you value their happiness is one way of keeping them happy.

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