Taking photographs is a good way to freeze and keep a very precious moment. It enables you to take a look back on how wonderful life is. While taking photos can be done any time, some make a living out of it, while others see it as a hobby. Photography is an art where both the model and the photographer expresses themselves. There is something more fulfilling than mastering what you already know – learning something new that is beyond your horizon. Are you ready to discover new techniques you haven’t met and tried before? Here is a compilation that might ignite the photographer inside in you.

1. High Speed Photography

There are moments that happen to fast, moments that pass as fast as the speed of light and these moments are too hard to capture. The high speed photography technique allows you to capture the moment that the naked eye cannot almost see with the use of a tripod, flash, narrow aperture and of course, a lot of patience.

2. Night Photography

While some are afraid of the dark, photographers see life in the dark. For them, behind the darkness is a captivating beauty. There is something in the night that is waiting to be captured. All you ever need to capture the perfect shot at night is a turtle like shutter speed, a tripod and surface where you can place your amazing cameras.

3. Motion Blur

This is one of the hardest photography techniques – taking a nice shot of a moving object. This is a technique that is commonly used in sports events which is done by slowing down the shutter speed while holding the camera still as the subject moves.

4. Smoke Art Photography

This is a challenging yet rewarding technique by creating trails out of smoke. The smoke emits a mysterious and captivating aura. It looks fascinating and captivating at the same time that people look into it as something worthy to be captured and displayed.

5. Silhouettes

This type of photography is more on the dramatic side with a mixture of fun and uniqueness. Beautiful silhouette photos are usually taken at sunset or sunrise which is taken when the subject is positioned where the sun is.

6. Vintage Photography

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the classic yet elegant look that a vintage photo could give off? Vintage photography is indeed capturing everyone’s heart which is achieved with a smash of vaseline to distort the image.

7. Reflection and Mirror Photography

This technique in photography is usually taken in bodies of water where the image of the main subject is reflected. It is like capturing an image of deep composition and interpretation with a mixture of amazement.

Photography isn’t just about keeping the moment in a piece of paper, more than that; it is about showcasing the emotion in the lens of a camera. There are a lot of bewildering techniques that are used in photography which when applied is really captivating and interesting sight to see.

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