Child obesity and laziness in children is a huge issue nowadays. One of the primary reasons for this is that children lack the activity that their parents had growing up. Here’s how to make sure they’ll spend more time outdoors that within the house, inevitably becoming more fit.

Take Them Picnicking

Without a doubt, summer days and picnics are something we all pair with a lot of memories. Unfortunately for our children, we don’t really have the time to take them for a lot of picnics. This is partly due to our heavy work schedules, and partly due to our neighborhoods no longer having parks and picnic ground available. If your neighborhood still has these little treasures, then we urge you to take your little ones for a picnic in the park. Make sure to get your little ones involved in the food making part, as that’s where half the fun is. Don’t forget to take along a few games to play out there!

Go On A Road Trip

This activity definitely takes a little preplanning and a few days to carry out, but it will definitely be worth it. Plan a road trip or camping holiday that even your little ones will enjoy. Opt for a Melbourne campervan rental to travel around comfortably without having the little ones complaining about the space. Make sure to keep it at a short distance, especially if this happens to be your first camping trip or road trip. Don’t forget to take along with you your bicycles and plenty of music (or even audio books) for the journey.

Organize A Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are always fun; regardless of the age. However, treasure hunts definitely fall into a category of their own when it comes to kids. The trick here is to make it suit your children’s likes and interests. Allow them the use of their smart phones in order to solve puzzles and understand the treasure hunt. Always keep in mind their age group as well. If you make the treasure hunt too difficult to solve, they might give up on the entire hunt before too long. Remember to make the “treasure” something to do with their interests as well!

Weekend Trips To The Beach

Weekend trips are great for the busy parents who don’t have a lot of time to spend with their kids, even during the summer vacations. Plan it so that you leave for your trip right after work Friday night, and get back before too late Sunday night. This way, your trip won’t make a difference to you having to work come Monday. As it is the summer, beach holidays are what we recommend to you. Baking under the sun, learn to surf or teach your little one to surf, fly kites, are all great things to try out. Don’t forget to bring a few indoor board games for moments like this.

Have A Few Of Their Cousins Of Friends Come Over

Is your little one close to his or her cousins or friends? If they are, having them spend a few days over at your place can be good for your little one. Make sure to remove the plugs of any electronic entertainment unit, and you might also want to turn off the Wi-Fi.

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