If you are finally tying the knot your sweetheart, then it goes without saying that this day is definitely going to be memorable for you. But how do you make it memorable for your guests as well? Easy! Here’s how.

Make the Venue A Little Unusual

Ok, let’s admit it. If you opt for the best function venue hire Geelong, your wedding will be very successful. But it might be a tad on the ordinary side. Either find a venue that can be converted into something unusual, or opt for an unusual venue altogether. The goal is to wow your guests when they arrive at the venue.

Involve Your Guest in Your Theme

Every party and wedding nowadays has a theme. Whether it is something elaborate or something simple, a theme is what makes a wedding look all put together. However, not a lot of people involve their guests in their theme, simply because it takes a little more efforts, and because some guests might find it a little inconvenient. The solution for this is to make sure guests know its ok not to dress up according to the theme if they choose not to. But it will definitely increase their anticipation of your big day.

Consider Playing a Small Game to Find Their Assigned Seats

Finding the assigned seat is not only boring, it is also a little nerve-wracking, as you never know who you will be seated with. Why not make this boring part of your wedding a little more happening? Make them play a game to help them discover where they will be sitting for the event. If you want to take it a step further, make it a game that will make them interact with the fellow guests, effectively acting as an icebreaker. Alternatively, you can also have these games after they have been seated, helping them connect better with who they are seated with.

Hire an MC for the Event

Music is a great way to fill the silence at any event. But if you want to make sure your guests are having a great time and that your big day is as memorable to them as it is for you, then hiring an MC is vital. Make sure it’s someone who is funny, and able to easily connect with people. Additionally, you might also want to ask whoever is doing the toasts to make it a short and entertaining speech.

Have a Photo Booth and a Wedding Hashtag

Whether you ask them to or not, most of your guests are going to be clicking photos and selfies; with you and without. By hiring a photo booth and making sure it has plenty of fun props, you are simply helping them with it. Additionally, you might also want to consider creating a fun hashtag exclusively for the event, as sneaky way to ensure not only entertainment for your guests but also that you get all the pictures without having to ask them for it!

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