There were simpler times when we could just place some treats on a table, blow a few balloons, invite the kids over and call it a birthday party, but not anymore. Today however, the process is a lot more complex and one must put in a lot of effort into planning their kid’s party’s and this can often be a very tiring one. However, in a metropolis like Hong Kong there is a wide variety of options to choose from and as a parent you can work with your kids to select the best out of the lot based on what they love. Here are three great tips recommended by expert party planners that will surely make your job easier.

The venue

The proportion of the Hong Kong population who owns their own houses or condos is very small as most in this compact city live in apartments where there is not enough space to throw a big party. If, however, you plan on inviting just ten to fifteen children for dinner, the apartment will be sufficient. For a bigger party involving a bigger crowd you will anyway need to find a separate location where there is more space. The number of birthday party venue Hong Kong city has to offer are quite high and most of these places will also facilitate food, drinks and sometimes even entertainment. It’s always wise to stick to a budget when planning the party so that you don’t overspend on the venue which will leave you with very little funds for the many other aspects of the party.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of a children’s celebration as they love to endlessly giggle together to keep their spirits high throughout the party. If there’s not enough entertainment for the occasion, the children will be bored out of their minds and will probably fall asleep. Invest on filling the birthday party venue with several sources of entertainment such as karaoke machine full of favorite children’s songs, a photo booth so that everyone can take a memento of the celebration with them when they head back home, and a DJ. If you’re a really fun parent who wouldn’t mind the kids getting a little paint on their clothes, arrange a neon themed party with body paint which will be something new to everyone.

The essentials

Don’t forget to get all the essential soiree goodies ready at least two days before the big day so that you can take everything to the location and arrange just before the celebration. Balloons, obviously is a must and don’t hesitate to get loads of those. Party ware is also something that children absolutely love and these can include birthday hats, paper glasses, mustaches, horns and even crowns. You can also make goodie bags full of toys and sweets for the kids. Then there’s the all-important birthday cake and as for the design, you may make it based one of your child’s favorite cartoon characters or a superhero or any other design of your choice.

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