When it is time for spring cleaning, the wardrobe is perhaps your least favourite thing to put in order. As consumerism and the latest fads keep on feeding our need to own more clothing items we rarely tend to buy for quality but rather for the look. In the end, the result is more clothes than your wardrobe can hold and even lesser clothes that have lasted for even a few months without the colours fading and the stitches coming undone at the seams. In order to spend less and to buy clothing that will last longer one requires a change in mindset. Read on for tips on how to cultivate a mindful mindset when shopping for clothes.

First Priority Is Quality

At first it might seem difficult to stay focused and not get carried away. However, if you train yourself to seek quality first, you won´t be convinced to buy otherwise. Also before you set out on a spending spree set for yourself a time frame at which point you will go shopping for clothes. It could be at the end of the year or towards the middle. However, first take account of the clothes you can wear and what you have before you go out and buy handmade silk shirts for sale at your local department store. Next, when buying in terms of quality, feel the fabric and look into the way the garment has been constructed. If the stitches seem untidy that’s a clear indicator that the garment will not last long.

Become Familiar with Your Style

Do you know what styles suit you the best? If not the tendency is to simply keep purchasing items that you consider look nice but are not really something you would wear. By focusing on your style and sticking to it you will spend less money. Also spending on a lesser number of clothes and spending on quality, means your clothes will last longer.

Looking After Your Clothes Will Also Increase Their Longevity

This next point is an aspect that we very often tend to ignore more often than not, which is taking care of clothing items. The labels on the back of your clothes are there for a purpose and to guide the owners of the garment on how to care for it properly. Some clothing items cannot be cleaned in the same way as others. Very often we toss the garments together with little consideration for instructions set out on the labels. As a result, we end up damaging the fibres of the fabric and contributing towards the degradation of the fabric. Some fabrics will need to be washed by hand and will not survive too many cycles in a machine. As such if you want to maintain the quality and longevity of your favourite garments pay attention to the labels.

The following are just a few pointers on how to avoid constantly spending money on clothing and at the same time how to invest in quality pieces. Taking care to be mindful of quality and how to care for your clothes need not be difficult. After a few months, you will automatically begin making better choices.

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