Planning a marriage ceremony is a special task indeed. It’s one of the most important tasks you’d undertake in your life. When it comes to celebrating a marriage, the venue is of utmost importance. If the venue is bad, everything else at the event would feel quite terrible as well. The venue is also one of the most difficult things in the ceremony to acquire. Most couples end up waiting for months for the perfect venue. There are also those who end up overspending on venues they ultimately don’t like. Clearly, you shouldn’t mess up when it comes to picking the best venue for your ceremony. With that in mind, here are several useful tips to get the best venue for your special day:

Set a Budget

The very first step in selecting a venue for the ceremony is drafting a reasonable budget. Don’t browse venues in general and waste time touring places you cannot afford. You should also avoid overspending on the venue because other aspects of the ceremony could suffer if you run out of money. Therefore, start off by setting a budget in a very realistic manner.

Research the Venue Pragmatically

Once you know what types of venues you can afford, the next step is to start doing your research. You should start with a notebook and a chart in hand. If that wedding room hire Geelong you saw seems appealing, you should list it down with information for price, location, type of venue, capacity, and dates available to compare with all other venues. Writing down this information as you go will make it easy for you to make the final decision.

Does the Venue Impose Restrictions?

When you do your research, do make sure you note down any limitations or restrictions the venue imposes on ceremonies and guests. Does the venue, for example, cap the number of guests that can be at the ceremony? Some venues with catering may have dietary restrictions. There could be limitations on how alcohol is served. If there are any such limitations, it would definitely not something you want to find out last minute. Ask probing questions in advance and read the fine print to avoid problems later.

Consider Catering Options

Does the venue come with its own catering service or would you have to bring in the food service from outside? This is a very important deciding factor to consider when renting a venue. Therefore, always check beforehand. If the venue does provide catering, don’t forget to check out the menu and do a sampling to ensure that the food is not super.

Don’t Underestimate the Capacity

Always make sure that the venue is big enough to fit in all of your guests. It’s highly recommended to choose a venue slightly bigger than your guest list because you could always end up adding guests later. If you don’t already have the guest list, make a rough, liberal estimation. It’s highly recommended to choose the venue with the guest list in mind though.

Finally, consider all of the above and choose your venue. Pick the venue that best suits your budgetary requirements to avoid overspending. And don’t forget to book well in advance to avoid a date conflict.

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