Though not everyone wants to have a conventional wedding, those who do, want it to be the best day of their lives. And as beautiful as weddings may seem when you are just a guest, when you are on the other side as the bride (more than the groom), there is a lot that needs taking care of. From the venue to the date, caterers, food, invitees, dress, bouquet and flowers not to mention the bridal retinue, the list is extensive. This also means that costs are definitely going to add up as well, which means that not everyone can afford Kim Kardashian a la Kanye West style nuptials. But fret not. Here are a few tips to help keep things somewhere in the middle.

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Work With What You Have

With as many things as possible. For instance, you, your parents or one of your friends or family members might have a home that is absolutely beautiful and well-suited for a wedding. A place with a view is an added bonus. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, the billionaire founder of Facebook. He and his wife got married in their backyard, and it still ended up being an incredibly elegant affair, not to mention more intimate.

Focus On Key Things

For example, you could look at splurging a little more on wedding flowers since the décor will add to the ambience of the place, reducing the need for much else. You can also go with a scheme so it stands out, meaning you need not spend a lot to make it look good. You just need to have an eye for it, and plan it well. If you have a wedding planner, it will make your life much easier. There are other things that you might consider to be more important than others on your wedding list, so narrow down what they are.

Make Your Invitations

Invitations are just as important as the rest of it, and many couples now opt to make theirs. Aside from being cheaper, they are actually a lovely personal touch, and ensure you are very involved with everything. Of course it might be a little difficult to do with time constraints, but hey as they say, where there is a will there is a way! You can also go with whatever design you like, since you will not be restricted by what the supplier can/cannot offer you.

DIY Projects

You may be able to do a few things yourself, like the centre pieces for instance. There are plenty of ideas floating about on the net, you just need to go with what you think you can handle. You will be surprised as to how many cute options are available, and equally how many people are doing DIY projects for their weddings. You can also make simple lamps for instance, which you can place strategically for added depth and character. You can even bake your own wedding cake if you have baking skills. Lots can be done if you take the time to look.

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