Going through breast augmentation surgery can be a rather exciting process. You are transforming your body to look and feel better. If this has been a procedure that you’ve been waiting a long time to get done, you must be feeling pretty good that you are almost there.

While breast augmentation surgeries are generally very simple and have minimal complications, you don’t have much to worry about. However, it’s best to know what to expect before and after your surgery. The main process of a breast augmentation surgery can be broken down to three parts – Consultation, Operation and Recovery. Understanding the exact nature of these three elements will help you deal with this procedure better.

Understand What a Consultation Should Achieve and Be Prepared For It

This will be the first step of your breast augmentation experience. Panthea provides a seamless consultation process for every patient. During this step, your main objective would be to get to know your surgeon and staff, the process and what you will be getting out of the surgery. It is important to spend as much time as required during the consultation to ensure that you get answers to all your questions. Remember to ask about the consultation’s experience, certifications and approach. Discuss about any other medical conditions that you may have including drug allergies and prior complications. It is also vital to talk about what you expect to achieve after the surgery so that both you and your surgeon are on the same page of why you are doing the surgery. The budget is another aspect to touch on during your preliminary discussions. However, note that sometimes one consultation would be sufficient while in other instances multiple visits to the clinic might be required.

Be Prepared For the Operation and Have Confidence

The next step would be the actual surgery. You will be put under anaesthesia during the procedure. It won’t take too much time and you will be conscious after a very short time period. During the surgery, no responsibility lies with you. Rather, it is the time for your surgeon to do their best to achieve what you expect. Be prepared to feel a little weird right after the operation since any kind of anaesthesia takes some time to wear off. It’s best to have someone with you during the surgery. However, if this is a challenge you want to conquer alone, there will be plenty of nursing staff to assist you with the additional necessities.

Recovery Is the Most Important Aspect of the Process

Your actions during the recovery time period are vital to the successful completion of the process. There will be certain things you need to avoid, certain exercises that you need to perform and specific clothes that are recommended for you. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter. This way you can experience a quick and seamless recovery and embrace your new body in no time.

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