The race against time is usually the biggest hurdle in our lives that gets in the way and makes it difficult for us to do things that we like, or the things that makes us happy. Because life has become more and more like a stampede, we often end up doing things that we are required to do, than the things that we really want to do. Our relationships are one of the major parts in our lives that are affected deeply by all the hustle. But, no matter how life is, relationships and bonds are not worth taken for granted whatsoever, and therefore, making sure you strive to maintain and nurture them would be your biggest priority than anything in your life.

Meal Time

Little acts of love and commitment would not really cost you too much. It isn’t a giant task to try and add some enrichment into your relationships. When it comes to domestic affairs and your family, there are little things that could actually mean a great deal. Sitting together at meal time is believed to be a significant sign of a healthy happy home. It is a way of bringing all the members together and creating the opportunity to bond over a delicious home-cooked meal. In some homes, it is probably the only and the best time where each one gets to share experiences, talk about important affairs, inform each other and break a news, or ‘just talk’ for no real reason! Meal times are also great when there are tiffs and silly fights in the family. The mandatory meal time together could serve as an opportunity to make peace or make up! Moms can set up a short list of meal time rules, just to promote a little more discipline and to make sure that each one makes it a point to be present supper.


Vacations are a great way to bond and spend quality time. An enjoyable vacation can give you loads of pleasure, happiness and tranquillity and is almost an effortless way of growing connections. You need not do anything specific or extra to get closer to your spouse or your kids. A quality vacation can just make it happen. But an extra effort would surely never go in vain. Take them fishing, or on a cruise, or plan a fantastic surprise. The amount of happiness and pleasure you give them through your actions is a great way to let them know how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy being part of them. Bonding isn’t necessarily a verbal thing. In fact, actions can prove to be a more powerful way of establishing a relationship.

Having a good time together not only allows your feelings to grow, but also lets you learn about each other and discover things you’d never known about them. People change with time, they grow and they mature, and so you probably can never stop learning about an individual.

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