Every individual is a different person. They differ in their nature, in their perceptions and beliefs, in their purpose and priorities in life. The belief that only men can relate to men, and women to women, is proving to be more and more of a misconception. In the modern world, you look at a human being as an individual, not as a stereotype. Truly enough, they could be mutual on certain terms, nevertheless it does not make them one person. When it comes to a family, you may realize that you are all so different, yet so similar! Living in harmony with those differences and those similarities can be achieved through some simple but life-changing principles.

Love and Affection

Love is so broad a term that is sometimes hard to fathom or define. When it comes to relationships, love coincides with so many other traits/aspects like care, commitment, respect, communication, understanding and forgiveness. Love is something that connects all of these traits, but it could also be the outcome of them. They are components or the ‘binding substance’ of relationships. Love needs to be given ‘free of charge’ to those in your life. Love is what you resort to at the end of the day, no matter what you’ve done or where you’d been in between. Relationships and bonds cannot exist and progress without emotions, sentiments and all those things that involves love.


Making time for those who mean to you is essential for nurturing and enriching relationships. One reason why many relationships fall apart or turn sour, sadly, could be because they failed to try and maintain them, and stopped making the effort they once used to. Time with your siblings, with your spouse, and with your family is more precious than you would ever imagine. Losing precious time may lead to regret, and sometimes, unfortunately, change your life for the worst. The time you spend with your loved ones is exclusive which would ideally be like getting lost in a vortex where it is just you and them, and everything else becomes non-existent.


Standing by each other through both the rough and the flowery days can impact your life and your relationships hugely. Trusting and opening up to each other is something that is seldom seen in modern families. Giving each person the freedom and establishing a level of comfort among each other to voice all the thoughts and images in their minds is what determines the stability and the power in your relationships.

Creating and establishing bonds and relationships can be quite challenging because it takes a lot of faith and trust to do so. But, what’s more challenging is nurturing, maintaining, and protecting them. A good heart and the right mind is pretty much what it takes to find love, and stay in it.

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